3" Marshall "S" Type Convertable Engine

"S" Type Tractor


An ideal model for someone who has limited workshop facilities and

eventually wants to be able to take his engine on to the rally field. This

model is small enough to fit in the average size estate car and solves

the problem of a trailer or van for transportation. Although a steel boiler

is recommended, it is possible to construct the boiler from copper for this

particular model.


"S" Type Road Roller

For someone who wants an engine a little bit different from a traction engine,

this provides an ideal model. The drawings for this model are all based on the

full size road roller "Jane" which can often be seen on the rally field.


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Cast Iron Piston Ring - Plain - 13/16" x 1/16" x 0.035" - Each Will fit 3" Marshall Piston Valve ..
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