T A N K S C A R R I E R S G U N S A R M O U R E D   C A R S
Staghound  interiors.
These photos are sourced from the Operators and parts manual for a T17E1 (M6) Staghound.
They give quite good detail; if there is something that catches your interest, download the
picture and import it into an appropriate program and zoom in.
Download the big pics by clicking on the small pics...

Staghound -Photo 1

This picture is of the driver/hull gunners' position  looking forward. Missing in this photo is the large rack that went from floor to roof which held ammunition boxesand effectively seperted the 2 crew members. Also missing is the drivers seat back; like the gunners seat back it swivelled to one
side to make it somewhat easier to get in and out of the seats. The Staghound was an awkward vehicle to get in and out of. The turret, had much better access through large hatches. It is almost
as if the turret and hull were designed by 2 totally seperate organisations.

Stagint1 pic
Staghound -Photo 2

Instrument panel with controls and instruments for 2 engines. The large hole in the centre is to give clearance for the "head" of the power steering unit.

stagint2 pic

Staghound -Photo 3

This is the best and clearest representation of a "tank" turret ring (bearing race) I have seen. Note the item #11 as this is the keeper that holds the whole thing together. Also note #15 which is the bronze ball spacer(s) which serve the same purpose as the cage in a normal bearing, stopping the balls from "bunching" and rubbing against each other. There are 120 x 1" ball bearings in this size turret ring.

Staghound pic

  Staghound -Photo 4

This is the lubrication order, which follows the standardised layout that the US still uses today.It gives a good idea of the mechanical layout of the vehicle.

staghound pic

Staghound -Photo 5

A nice view of the turret basket. The parts and fittings are almost identicla to those of the Lee/Grant tank family. The Staghound basket differs in that it has much better access and also has the perforation holes.

staghound pic
Staghound -Photo 6

Engine and cooling system view. Note that the engines face rearwards and that the cooling system although sharing common parts does not mix coolant between the 2 engines. Neither engine is dependant on the mechanicals of the other.

Download the big pics by clicking on the small pics...
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