Ferret Convoy
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Ferret Convoy - May 2001-05-18 We thought that the summer was never going to come and after much hard work preparing, cleaning, maintaining and some re-spraying of Ferrets has recently been concluded. Steve Knight had just moved his Mark Ĺ Ferret to the same farm as I keep my Ferrets where he successfully completed the changing of his transfer box. I re-sprayed my Mark 2/6 and having impressed myself with the results, promptly did the Mark 5 Ferret the following Weekend. Steve re-sprayed his Mark 1 / 2 back to the Gulf War livery closely followed by another good Friend Leigh plant who re-sprayed his 2/3. This was all completed in the space of 3 weeks and if we can do it, anyone can.

All fuelled up and ready to go. Itís not often you see 5 ferrets on your local village garage forecourt!

We all decided that a trip to a local Classic car show was in order. A convoy of 5 ferrets was assembled on the 7th May. There was a mark 1, a mark 1 /2, 2 x mark 2/3ís and a Mark 2/6. I live in a village next door the petrol station (yes - I am their single best customer for 4 star). The Petrol station (normally closed on Saturday afternoons, all day Sunday and all bank holidays) - opened especially for us. Mike who works in the garage volunteered to open up - an offer that was promptly accepted.

Taken from the lead ferret, the 4 others seen here in convoy, we make our way to the motorway.

We maintained a steady 40mph without any problems. Quiet a number of my neighbours and villagers came out and took pictures and were there to wave us off. They are used to seeing large armoured vehicles in the village and on my drive way. We set off going north up the A1 motorway. We maintained a close convoy with no problems travelling 20 miles to our destination. There was a military vehicle section laid out and our convoy of 5 ferrets was able to fill it instantly. Until we arrived there was a single lonely looking fake war time jeep. Soon another Ferret arrived, very pleased to find a whole gaggle of ferrets he could join.

Right to left - 06CC82 ex gulf war mark 2/3, 00EA07 ex gulf war mark 1 /2, Leighs 2/3, 08BB09 mark 2/6 with a ground mounted vigilant guided missile deployed to its front, 34BA20 mark 1 and another 2/3 that arrived after us. The show had a good sized auto jumble and ferret headlight bulbs were found, tested and lots bought for £1 each. Steve managed to buy a rare model ferret from the 1960ís I think? We raided the show arena several times with various ferrets attending. The commentator knew his stuff and our vehicles were well received. Dave driving the mark 1 ferret was reluctant to leave the arena and made several circuits. We left at 3.00pm with now 4 ferrets travelling back the scenic route. This took us through a sleeping Hitchen whose narrow cobbled streets soon woke up to the sound of 4 Rolls Royce B60ís thumping their way round the back streets.

Dave in the mark 1 leads us through Hitchen and beyond on the return leg. Next into the narrow country lanes.

We arrived at Walkern and decided we deserved a nice beer each before parking up the ferrets properly.

Steve Knights re painted Ferret mark 1 /2 with new transfer box. His son Scot in the turret, ably assisted in both process by making lots of tea and coffee

Steve showing off his helmet to the girls in the pub - he really knows how to impress the girls!

My re painted Vigilant armed Mark 2/6 Ferret. We all enjoyed a really nice day which was a reminder why we spend so much time maintaining and running Ferrets. Where ever we went we attracted waves and cheers and our convoy was a magnificent sight. We all eagerly look forward to our next ferret convoy.

My thanks to Paul.


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