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Issue 4 ver 1.

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The article from Neil about the civilian equivalents for oils seems to have uncovered a can of-worms. Three or four members have come back with conflicting opinions as to what oil and where. It seems that the only advice l can give is to have a phone around between yourselves and decide then which option to go for. My second Ferret is due to have all the oils changed during its rebuild so l will be doing the same.


A.C. Miles Insurance Ltd. have agreed to recognise the Ferret Owners Club as a legitimate society for which preferential rates are available. Their address is: A.C. Miles (Insurance Consultants) Ltd. 663 High road, Leytonstone, London E1 14R.17


Please fill out and return the enclosed renewal. form and also the Beltring term.

Beltring 1999

This summer l have been again on my pilgrimage to the “War and Peace show'' at Beltring. As usual there was the hype and hysteria of loading the car and caravan.


Five blokes, one dog = Pot noodles, BEER, milk, BEER, bread, BEER, eggs, BEER etc. (Get the picture). So with 4 close friends and the dog on the Thursday evening we set off up the M3, M25 (well after doing a detour into London as the navigator had other things on his mind), then M26. The weather was lousy but as we neared Paddock Wood the sun came out and the weekend started. Again Beltring lived up to all expectations: good company, excellent trade stands, superb weather. But don't mention the toilets! ! !

Rules for Beltring

RULE 1 .
First always do Withams stand first, then decide weather to buy the bits and pieces now or take the risk and wait for Sunday when the prices might drop. Withams seems to be the yardstick to measure prices against and also if they haven't got it and you see it some where else then buy it because it means you have probable found some of the last ones around. (This isn't a plug for Withams, although all the guys on the stand at Beltring have joined our club, it just seems that they display more Ferret stuff-than any body else. Over the last couple of years we have spent loads of money with Withams and are just waiting for the invitations for the Christmas party.)

RULE 2 .

Rule 2 is then start at one end of the trade stands, pick the first row then walk down the stands on the right back up the stands on the left NO EXCEPTIONS! And woe betide any one crossing over. So up and down the rows from one end of the stands to the other about 6 times a day - strange how my wife will do this in the High St. in town but for some reason doesn't see the enjoyment quite the same at the Military Vehicle Show'.

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RULE 3 .

RULE 3. (introduced after the first morning) All purchases must fit in a Kellogg's corn flakes box. Colin Cook who was one of the famous 5 on this outing behaved himself very well. For those of you who don't know Colin he has a tendency to obtain much knowledge and equipment at every show he goes to. Consequently I was ready for a full car and caravan for the returne journey but it turned out not to be of Colin's doing. l ended up buying a No. 19 set. 4 grenade launchers, air filters BREN tripod, various odds and ends. Andy Deacon bought a C 42 set plus odds and ends. Dave Toop got 2 mine detectors, 1 BREN in a transit case, Vehicle cleaning kit, plus odds and ends.

Jack (my uncle) bought a couple of small bits and along with Colin was the only one who obeyed rule 3 (the dog didn't have any money so just scrounged ice creams off every body).

Another one of the famous 5 on our weekend was a friend of mine Dave Toop, who was supposedly just along for the ride but was tempted to become a “Ferret Owner''. He made an offer on a mark 2/3 at the show and negotiations are underway. His Ferret when he gets it, like mine, is likely to cost him more than the asking price because his wife has said he can buy one but he also has to buy a LARGE camper van (Winnebago?). My wife agreed to my Ferret's for just a family holiday' abroad!

Also at Beltring l got to see the Mk 5 Ferret owned by Paul Thompson and was amazed at the quality and quantity of work that was put into this rebuild. My compliments to Paul and his friends on the work done, and also to his wife and family who must have given stacks of support and encouragement along the way.

l gave out about a dozen more membership terms at the show and acutely signed up 3 new members.

The drive home was very subdued. The caravan jockey wheel just cleared the cat's eyes in the road and every one was knackered after three days of stalls, BEER and heat. But next year could be just as hectic if not worse.

Beltring 2000 my plans. . . . . . . .

Andrew Noyce

That little drip of oil !

Well there I was, a newly restored Ferret with clean engine oil and a show season ahead of me, off l set to Denmead thundering through the villages of northern Hampshire (and getting stopped for speeding on route). Showing off the newly painted engine, and there it was. A DRIP OF OIL in the bottom of the engine bay. Where did it come from the bevel box, No not black enough, it must be the engine, Golden in colour about the right thickness but that smell EP9O? No not thick enough. As the shows passed the leak got worst the engine was now starting to get a fine coating as the prop shaft threw the oil around the engine bay, the day had come l must find it. 0ff came the engine deck out came the oil cooler and alternator in went the rag and spanners but ''wot no oil Ieak''. AII was put back together and off again to the next show, by now guilt was getting the better of me every time I stopped on a slope out came the baking tray to catch the oil.
Then the last show of the season, and the first drive by my wife, white smoke was coming out from the engine bays. On closer inspection it was found to be paint burning off of the fly wheel. After removing the filler plug and getting a whoosh of pressure as it was opened, the oil leak was found. Richard had some hydraulic oil at home and promptly volunteered to get it, as well as his wife's best Pyrex measuring jug. On his return and 2 hours later when it had cooled down, 7 ½ pints of oil were put into the fly wheel (it only holds 9!).
The 30 mile journey home was taken at a steady pace, as the oil crept closer and closer to the drivers seat, but at last we were home. Most of the 7 pints of oil that we put in was now running around in the fighting compartment.
Well I wondered what I would be working on this winter, now I know!
Stay tuned for part 2 taking the engine out!!!!!!

Derek Gardener

Beltring 2000

For the millennium 1 have been thinking of doing a convoy run to the War and Peace Show at Beltring in Kent.
The convoy route is likely to be from Southampton to Beltring spread over a two day drive each way probably starting on the 18th July and returning on the 22nd July. An members living along this route who can offer overnight camping would they kindly let me know.
l realise that the majority of members live to far away or not on this route but if they plan on going to the War and Peace Show perhaps you could also let me know.
The millennium show is put on by I.M.P.S and is advertised as the world's largest military vehicle spectacular. There is likely to be in excess of over 2000 vehicles at the show and will probably never be beaten for size and spectacle.

Yes I am interested
In joining the convoy

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I can offer overnight camping

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I will be going by another route

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I am not interested enjoining the convoy

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Tick relevant box please.
Name and address please plus any other info. or questions.

Wanted and for sale


Dave Toop: 01703 315522 wants a good Ferret at a sensible price
Barrie Richards: 01495 762260 Spare bulb tin and rack.
Andrew Noyce: 01703 254314 Aerial storage tube and Mk 2/3 turret

For Sale

Andy Deacon: 01794 524405 Ferret wheels and tires used condition
Graham Ellis: 01432 860608 Mk 2/3 mint? Phone for details

Editors Note

Thanks to MV magazine for their inclusion in the 'Friends and relations' section. Also thanks to Andy Deacon for obtaining the L.R.P leaflet from Esso.

Apologies for putting up the fees to £6.00 but postage and stationery are getting dearer as the membership has now increased to over 50. Thank you to the people who have sent bits and pieces in for the newsletters, keep them coming. lf you have a computer then you can e-mail articles and comments to me at

How I got mine.

1965 Ferret, MK 2/3 No. 00 EC 55

I have always had a certain fascination for large mechanical type vehicles, ranging from railroad diesels to main battle tanks.
A hitch in the United States Marine Corps (1966-1968), reinforced this interest and at the same time showed me the large amount of maintenance that was required to keep military vehicles, both large and small, in top operating condition.
Several years ago, 1997, I retired from the telephone company in Santa Fe, New Mexico after thirty years of service. We relocated to Lexington, South Carolina for several reasons - cheaper real estate, a good school district for our then seven year old son, no snow and a large lake for sailing.
A little over two years ago I entertained the possibility of acquiring a main battle tank, T34 etc. but quickly came to the conclusion that maintenance, land to play with the tank on and other hurdles were to much to deal with. I started subscribing to two different MV magazines, one here in the states and one in England, and became rather interested and taken with Ferrets. After a limited amount of research and inquiries, I purchased my Ferret from ''Western Resources'' in the state of Indiana. Joe Franklin had nine MK 2/3's
To choose from although two had deposits on them at the time. L chose //00 EC 55 from photos supplied by Joe along with a written description of its condition.
I trailered my Ferret back to South Carolina in November of 1997. As promised the vehicle was in good shape mechanically but cosmetically needed a great deal of TLC. I hope to be able to relate my reiteration efforts along with experiments in future newsletters.
In closing I would like to take the opportunity to thank Andrew Noyce for all his assistance thus far in locating parts etc. l would also like to thank the Ferret club for allowing me the opportunity to become the first over seas member.

Respectfully Submitted
Tom Hammill Jr.


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