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D-Day Show '99

We had 9 members of the Owners Club with their Ferret's at the D-Day show held at Denmead and probably another 5 or so with out Ferrets came along and said 'hello'. The show was a great success and on the Saturday we had 7 Ferret's driving around in the show ring. Judging by the amount of magazine photographers taking pictures, we should have some good shots in future issues of some military vehicle magazines. Kane took some video footage of the 7 in the ring and if you wish to have a copy then send a blank video + postage to him (with name and address). The show at Denmead was the first true outing for Andy Deacon, Herbie Trinder, Colin Cook and Derek Gardeners Ferret's. All I the vehicles drove very well although Derek's sprang an oil leak, maybe it had something to do with the fact he got stopped for speeding going through Stockbridge. Luckily he only got a smacked wrist. Colins Ferret stopped after about 10 miles on the homeward journey due to a lack of understanding by the Commander; i.e. Colin's father in law, as to what was reserve and main on the fuel tap. Well Colin blames his father in law, anyway it's his story and he's sticking to it.

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At the show I gave out a further 12 Club application forms, 7 of which have since joined our merry band. So now we are up to 22 members As I left the show on the Monday morning l saw Russ She-cods wife and boys with a canvass bucket for his Ferret ''Just what he had been looking for''. I didn't get to see his face but the bucket was big enough to put the Ferret in!

The camp weekend / get together has had to be postponed for the moment due to lack of time to organist it by me. I hope to be able to do something later on in the year.

My wife Mandy had her first go at driving my Ferret a couple of weed ago, all be it only 20 or 30 feet in the garden, but it was a good enough excuse to go and buy one for her, (there's posh, His and Hers Ferrets). So now I have a new restoration project to keep me going for the next couple of years as I intend to do a nuts and bolts rebuild on this one.

Recently I wrote to MV magazine asking them to include the Ferret Owners Club in their Friends and Relations section. My only reply so far has been from a Mr Tom Hammill JR who lives in Lexington, South Carolina U.S.A. Tom owns a MK 2/3 which he has had for about 1 1/2 years and is about 2/3 of the way through restoring it. He purchased the vehicle after it had been imported from Belgium. l have written back to Tom and asked him to send me more information on his Ferret, and what if is like to get bits and pieces for it over in the States.


If you're fond of your Ferret
And belong to a Ferret club,
You will gain much knowledge
And buy parts like an Engine or Hub.
But beware of becoming an addict
And not give a ''Ferret'' for a thing,
Because married life might become strained
And wedding bells no longer ring.
So instead of working on your Ferret an night
When other people are in bed,
Try to share things out a bit
And spend the night with your wife instead.
She might object to your nightwear
And fake a headache or cough,
So I would advice, that you could be wise
And take your overalls OFF!!!

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By the 'Old Codger'
Questions and answers

Some questions and answers have come in from various members, which I will list. lf you have answers then please let me know for future issues of the newsletter. But also please inform the person who has asked the question by phone or post, as waiting for a couple of months for the next issue could be a pain.

(Question) How do you drain the Tracta joints if they are blocked, possibly with accumulated sludge. (Question from John Griffiths).

(Question) How do you stop the exhaust blowing around the two short link tubes? (Question from John Griffiths).

(Question) If I can get small bits and piece for Tom Hammill, how can I ship them to the states cheaply. (Question from me, Andrew Noyce).

(Answers) An alternative for brake tube. It happens that the pipe is 6/ 1 6 '' O/D the same as Calor Gas copper pipe and their compression joints fit a treat. John Griffiths is told they are well strong enough to deal with the 30-40 psi of breaking. (Answer from John Griffiths),

(I have sent out these answers as received, but can accept no responsibility for information that is published).

Derek Gardener has sent me a copy of ''Wireless stations in Ferrets MK 1 and 2 (conversion in stages to wireless station C42/B47)''. If you would like a photocopy then please contact Derek.


My great lump of scrap came from Hursts yard at Whitchurch.
What a sorry sight...every wing and bin completely smashed in, head lamps, smoke launchers etc. flattened and as Andrew Noyce put it "The normal duck pond inside".

My wife was not impressed. That was May last year, since then I have spent a huge amount of time into the small hours in Andrews garage working on my scrap, armed with his electricity and beer.

My 2/3 Ferret 01CA78 is now nearly finished and ready for the road. Since being delivered I have only driven around a car park near the garage a few short times, not really enough to get he engine hot. So you well know I approached the agreed day of our trip out with just a little trepidation, because although you have checked everything (or nearly) over and over there is always that nagging WHAT IF?

It was agreed Andrew would folow me in his Ferret so if any trouble he would know, so with this in mind we set off with Colin Cook as my commander. Rockingham Arms at Canada Common near the New Forest was the destination and dare I say it "she went like a dream, absolutely purred".

Once the grass at the Common, took a few photos (remember to lock the main hatch adn watch your aerials when you drive under trees) and down to the pub for a beer.
I said to Andrew "don't get me stuck in the pub car park, that would be really embarrassing especially when most of the restaurant were at the windows".
A few glasses of shandy later we set off home. Two miles down the road Colin said over the intercom "we've lost him". We waited in a lay by but as the minutes tick by you kind of get that sinking feeling. He did not materialise...................

Alas there he was hatches up with his head down the engine, with all the heavy traffic roaring past on the A36.

I thought "Oh blimey" (or words to that effect), not only has the old girl the shock of being on the road for the first time but also has to pull a Mk 1/2 about 10 miles home.
We shackled up and off we went with Colin happily waving all the traffic past as we crawled along. Its not easy keeping the tension on the cable so had to stop for a busted shackle but we towed home quite happily.

So all in all I was really happy with the first trip out. I hope it will always be that way.

16th April 1999

Andrew Deacon.


Some of the many questions that are often asked between Ferret owners are
What oil should I put in here?
What is equivalent oil for military OMD220?
Do's it matter what oil is put in here?
Oil is just oil isn't it?
And more alarmingly l have found out recently that although EP90 is a civilian replacement to Military OEP220 and of the same specification this should NOT be put in the Transfer Gearbox of the Ferret, as this will attack the phosphor bronze components causing accelerated wear and even failure. ! ! !

This has prompted me to write this article to try and clear up the confusion between Military oil and civilian oil of the same specification and in which particular oily hole in the Ferret it should be put.


Rolls Royce have put in print that they have never tested or approved any Multigrade oil in the B range of engines as they are designed to burn oil as part of the lube process. A point to note is although multigrades may have a better heat range they are not strong (mechanically) and also when a multigrade oil burns it produces a small amount of, but very abrasive, ash that will eat piston rings and as the B range of engines are hard working and intended to burn oil the ash level produced would be relatively high causing excessive wear. The military Spec oil is OMD l I 0 (Oil Mineral Detergent) to military STD 2104. Civilian replacement any SAE30 engine oil (straight 30)


Same as engine SAE 30


Same as engine SAE 30


Military OEP220 (OiI Extreme Pressure) Civilian replacement 80w -90 Hypoid.DO NOT use EP90


OM13 civilian replacement ISO15


DO NOT use ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) as has been suggested in the past. If you Have the only way to correct the fault would be to drain the coupling, but to do this you need to remove either the engine or gearbox to gain access to it.


Military OEP220 civilian replacement EP90


Military 0EP220 civilian replacement EP90


Military OEP220 civilian replacement EP90


you will often find when working on the bevel box's inner and outer as well as the hub reduction assembly, that the oil is very Black/Grey for OEP220 (EP90). This is because they have got 0X320 (colloidal Graphite in suspension) mixed in with base, oil to try and extend hub and bevel box life The civilian replacement would be any additive like Moly-gear or a Slick 50


Military 0EP220 civilian replacement EP9O


Military OEP 220 civilian replacement EP90


Military OX8 (Brake Fluid) Civilian replacement DOT4


Military XG279 (calcium Based Grease) Civilian replacement any calcium based grease or high-temperature melting grease will do regularly applied EXCEPT the water pump and fording seals which only need ONE STROKE very occasionally or you will pop the seal out of the casing.


Military AL39 (Methanol-Alcohol) civilian replacement any Antifreeze mixed at strength of 50% with clean water to reduce the internal corrosion of the cooling systems that water on its own would do, and also to raise the boiling point of water As well as the raise in boiling point due to the system being under pressure.

And finally if your not asleep, bored, already taking your engine out to gain access to the fluid Coupling or changing the oil in your transfer box. l would like to leave you with a short comment.
Although ANY oil is better than NO oil! The CORRECT oil is by far BETTER than the WRONG oil


Note from Doug:
I have been very specifically warned against the use of any "Moly" product with conventional oils, I was told they are totally incompatible. Australian Ferrets that had been converted to "Moly" were first internally stripped down and thoroughly cleaned of all conventional oil. Then the entire face of the hubs painted white to indicate this so as to prevent the accidental use of conventional oil. I strongly suggest that you research this subject further before using "Moly" in your vehicle.








Oil Mineral Detergent to Mil 2104

* SAE30


Oil Mineral Detergent l0-W-30 multigrade

10-30 multigrade


Oil Mineral Very high detergent Diesel oil

10-40 Multigrade


Oil Extreme Pressure

* EP90 or 80w-90 hypoid


Oil Mineral Hydraulic

* ISO 1 5 not SAE I 5


Calcium based grease

* Calcium based grease


Calcium Graphite in Suspension

* Moly-Gear or Slick 50 '


Yellow Petroleum jelly

* Vaseline


Brake fluid

* DOT4



* Anti-Freeze


Screen Wash

Screen Wash

NOTE only * items apply to Daimler Ferret. '

Issue 3 ver 1.


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