Where can I buy a Kettenkrad, Tiger tank etc?
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> Your info on the Kettenrad was impresseve you only left out where one
> could be bought.Can you help with that?

Here is what myself and several others have put together about this subject.

The German MV scene

You haven't said where you are, so I will have a guess that you are an American. There are a number of KK's in the USA and occasionally one will come up for sale.

Now, as far as trying to locate one in Germany, that is quite another matter altogether!

Bear in mind that all but a small number of WW2 German vehicles were destroyed in action, captured and then destroyed as articles of war or ended up in museums. Those that don't fit into the above categories are few.
Take the north African theatre as an example: nothing in the way of vehicles was rescued from that campaign to serve another day. Anything that wasn't captured was very quickly souvenired by the local populace and put to use or (usually) scrapped. So active were the locals that they were even hauling away booty during the fighting, much to the annoyance of both sides. But it was their country after all. Just ask Richard Notton, he has an aged relative that got a Grant shot out from under him by an 88mm. He saw it first hand. Then there is the occasional item that turns up in some remote corner of the desert, but you have to be keen enough to get through all the mines first. The figures on the number of Egyptians/Bedouins etc who lose a leg each year to WW2 mines is surprisingly high. Effectively, the place was never de-mined AND the mine fields aren't where the maps say (they move with the desert!)
The vehicles that did survive the Western Desert and Tunisia can probably be counted on one hand. One example being Bovington's Tiger I.

In Germany itself, what little remained after the war, did so only by permission of the occupying powers.

It is a far different country than we are used to. It is so closely populated and really not all that large that your chances of finding a KK mouldering in some farmers shed since WW2 are close to zero. Plenty of Germans have sussed out those rumours years ago. Any farmer that did have one would be quite well aware of its rarity and value with its location being known within the collector community there already.

Be aware that German citizens are specifically prohibited by law in Germany (and this was brought about by the occupying powers) from owning combat vehicles. Basically this covers anything armoured and most things on tracks.
The only way around this law is to demil the tank or whatever so that it resembles a sieve, which in the process totally ruins it's resale value. Once you have done this you then need somewhere to operate it, should you want the pleasure of driving your vehicle: road registration is not allowed for this class of vehicle. By the time you have eliminated all the areas where the greenies etc will have you in court there are precious few spots where off-roading can be done. Wide load permits to transport your vehicle are possible, but very expensive, so getting it to these spots if it is any bigger than a Ferret is far from economic.

Even a 6x6 WW2 Jimmy would be a problem as the average German could not find anywhere to store it, unless he rented wharehouse space, it is nearly as crowded a country as the Netherlands.
The western european countries have a high population density and what little is still there most definetly belongs to somebody or other.

Nobody in europe is in any doubt as to the value of WW2 left overs, it is not just collectors over there who know that gear is worth good money.

Effectively, they can only own Jeeps, Kublewagons, Schwimmwagons, motorcycles, KK's and those intriguing German 3/4 tracks. The 3/4 tracks are very rare and VERY expensive.

Of recent, Americans seem to have taken a liking to KK's; this has not gone down at all well in the Vaterland as the price of KK's has gone through the roof. They appear to perceive it as "the Anglo/Americans are buying up the only tracked German vehicle we are allowed to own under the laws they foisted on us and that the average German can afford".

Due to Germany's history and the post WW2 education of what happened; warfare in general, the military and anything associated with it are very touchy subjects. It actually states somewhere in German law that a German citizen can call a member of their military "a murderer" and that is permitted!
MV collectors are few and far between and maintain a low profile. They are a small group who tend to know each other. I doubt they would be enthusiastic about someone wanting to buy and export another vehicle.

I tend to think the time is coming where there is going to be a market for replica KK's, but that is another subject (a very expensive one)!

As to other locations:

They salvaged all sunken Mediterranean wrecks possible in the late 40's.

The Israelis did all the european scrap yards over in the late 40's early 50's THEN did the Pacific Islands in order to put together their armoured force.

The former eastern block was gone over with a fine tooth comb immediately after the war, poverty and a need to rebuild saw to that. That is why they are now looking at the bottom of lakes for pieces of tanks.


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