Terms and Conditions:
The style of accommodation we offer is normally "booked" weeks in advance. Due to this, it is unlikely for us to be able to re-let
cancelled accommodation closer than 4 weeks to the date concerned.
However, we realise that peoples' circumstances change and we want to be as understanding as we can without loosing too much money.
The policy below is as fair as we can make it.

Cancellation, "Deposit" and "Refund" "Holding" policy -

1) Payment of a deposit secures the booking for the first night only.

2) If you should fail to arrive and fail to contact us, within the first 24 hours of the booking, we reserve the right to re-let or
attempt to re-let the accommodation from 10am of the next day unless you have contacted us and confirmed you still intend to honour the
booking. You will not be refunded the deposit, nor refunded for any portion of the booking you did not use.

You will be expected to pay for all nights originally booked.
3) Full refund will be made if more than 6 weeks notice is given of cancellation prior to booked arrival date.

4) For less than 6 weeks notice, none, part or full refund is at our discretion depending on whether or not we consider we have lost the
opportunity to re-let the accommodation.

5) Due to the unreliability of the Internet, cancellation must be made by phone - NOT by email!

6) The amount of the deposit is at our discretion.

7) If you should want to reduce the length of your booking, this can impact the price we have quoted you and thus our profit. It can
also mean that we may have refused other bookings that overlapped your original booking or were of longer duration. Thus, we lose out both
ways: on the income from your booking and any longer bookings we have refused due to your original one. Thus, we reserve the right to cancel
your booking and apply the refund policy if we feel we are being unduly disadvantaged.

8) We reserve the right to cancel your booking if our own circumstances (e.g.. (but not limited to) health, family or unforeseen events) mean
we are unable or unwilling to provide the accommodation. We will not pay compensation. We will not pay the difference in cost for
alternate accommodation.

9) "Temporary" and "Holding" of booking(s) whilst awaiting a deposit:
we will "hold" a booking for 7 calendar days from the date the booking is made until receipt by us of the deposit or payment. If you have not
paid a deposit within that time, or it has not reached us, we reserve the right to re-let the accommodation and return your deposit should
it subsequently arrive.

Conditions of Stay -

If you are not willing to accept and agree to the following conditions of stay you need to immediately vacate the premises and notify the
business operator by telephoning 0418 496 480. You must leave any keys you have been provided inside the premises and assure that the premises
is locked.

I/we agree and accept the following conditions:

A) The accommodation is self-contained holiday cottage/unit and is not serviced during the duration of your stay.

B) The accommodation must be left in a clean and tidy condition on departure.

C) As a condition of stay therefore I/we accept responsibility for paying any costs associated with additional cleaning costs incurred
e.g. dirty dishes, rubbish not placed in bin, damage to furniture and or furnishings, damage to fittings or lost keys.

D) Additional costs for the above to be paid on demand, failure to pay will result in legal action.

E) No Party Rule. Parties will not be tolerated, definition of a party is solely in the opinion of the operator. The operator will evict
if a party has occurred or is in progress. Eviction will take place immediately irrespective of time of day or night or/and day of the week.
Refusal to vacate immediately will result in the police being called and the matter being placed in their hands. No refund or compensation will
be paid.

F) Departure time is strictly by 10am. Failure to depart by 10am disrupts our cleaning schedule and can result in us incurring additional
costs (such as, but not limited to, time based payment to contract cleaner). We reserve the right to charge an additional fee if you have
not vacated the cottage by 10am.

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