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Doug's photo gallery.  

Why on earth old Army Tanks? (Ver 9)

It's a question I have been asked more than once and really there is no simple reason.
It's a bit like why do people collect anything? What pleasure do people get from having a collection of coke cans? Or car hub caps, or any of the other endless possibilities out there?............
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For those who are already into AFV's .

This is a straightforward collection covering a wide variety of "Heavy Metal" with some personal captions and anecdotes included. Please bookmark my page and check back for updates every so often. I would also welcome email and/or photos to consider for inclusion. 

Over time I will progressively notate each article with a "version number" so that anyone who wants to check if they have missed an update to an article will know.

Please note that this site will be updated once a month at a minimum. Should the "resupply" date at the bottom of this page be more than 5 weeks old, please check the other site (there is one resident in the UK and one in the US) as there has been times due to server issues where I have been unable to upload to one or the other sites.

How to make best use of this site. (Ver 1)
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I am in constant need of new material for this website, There is a limit to the info that I can provide.
If you are current AFV crew, ex-crew, mechanic, a collector/restorer or an enthusiast, quite likely you have something to share in the way of knowledge, photos or experiences: which others in this hobby will find interesting. Towards the bottom of this page (Area 9) are more in depth details.
So please contact me if you think you have something to contribute.

Photo articles  

1 Normandy D Day Commemoration, 
France 1994: 

England and Western Europe: 
Mulitple attractions. 

2 Bovington Tank Museum, 
Great Britain: 
3 Attractions outside Australia, 

Great Britain  Malaysia  USA 
4 Australian Museums,  5 As found over the years - 
Wrecks and recovery's in Australia: 
6 As found over the years - 
Wrecks and recovery's OUTSIDE Australia:  
7 Other sightings, 
8 Other sightings - outside Australia,  9 Curiosities and left overs, 

10 Collectors Vehicles: 
11 Restoration & interior details:   
    12 When it goes wrong - breakdowns and misadventures: 
    13 Former Crewmen's submissions and stories of military service. : 
    14 Replicas and such.: 
    15 Events in Australia. : 

Area 2:

Owning Armour

Are you interested in owning an Armoured Vehicle?
1 Hints for the budding enthusiast. 
To begin with, do you want a static "gate guard" vehicle or something that can be driven? This article discusses ownership of a driveable vehicle. A lot of the points raised are irrelevant if it is only a display piece that you want...
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(Ver 5.)

2 Reality, Pitfalls and Hard Facts.
What you need to do or not do to successfully own and/or operate an armoured vehicle. Should it just stay a dream or not?...
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(Ver 7.)

3 Ferret Club Newsletters.
Back issues up to and including Issue 5.
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(Ver 5.)

Area 3:

1 Vehicle Specifics.
Good points, bad points & impressions:   
2 How to?

Area 4:

1 Other Considerations


Area 4a:

1 Miscellaneous

For those interested in military life.

Rory - I spent 16 years in the military and worked as an armored cavalry scout, light tank commander/section sergeant/maintenance NCO/scout, MBT commander, Marine infantryman, ATGM gunner/section/platoon sergeant and electronics (radio) repairman/technician.
The stories that follow deal not just with tanks, but also with daily events, the situations you can get into as part of army life and being assigned to armour and its support.

If after reading Rory's stories and you have similar experience, please consider submitting your stories.

The following articles are exerts from email discussions between Rory and others (as diverse as British and German), they are mostly comparisons between military experiences.

Area 5:

Doug's garage sale. 

Most enthusiasts have something for sale... if you want to clear something out of your garage - email me and I will list it here. 
I am currently selling:  

  • M577A1 Covered Extension; This is the annex tarp that fits the rear of the "command" version of the M113A1 armoured personnel carrier. It has one end which is open (normaly attaches to the open rear of a carrier) the other end has double flaps to give a "black out" curtain affect. Very good condition (close to NOS). Made of that very heavy US military canvas. I have some of the tent poles, but these are damaged.
    Price negotiable, plus freight.
  • NOS Ferret Suspension Grease nipple dust excluder seals:
    They are Excluder, felt, link pin - FV50992
    6 are used per corner thus 24 are needed per vehicle.
    AUD$13 / 7.00 / ~US$12.00 per set of 24 plus postage/freight.

    Click here for Picture.

For sale by other parties.
Legal warning: note that I have no connection with the vendor(s) offering the goods below. All the normal warnings apply (such as, but not limited to "caveat emptor") to any dealings you may have with them. I give no warranty nor take any other form of responsibility in any dealing(s) you may enter into with them. 

Nothing else at the moment.

Area 6:

Doug's wish list.  

Well I'm sure most enthusiasts have a wish list; not only individual militaria collectors, but museum curators as well...  
Here are some items on my list of "must haves" - email me if you can help.  

  • US M-17 Periscopes. To see what one looks like - click here. (Ver 1)
  • WW2 and Post War British Fire Extinguisher and/or BRACKET/MOUNT
    of the type shown in this pic.

    Extinguisher pic
  • 105mm Tank Sabot petals/base or/and penetrator.
  • I am in need of some of those little foam "socks" that
    go over the headphone/helmet mics to reduce wind noise. If you know of a
    source whose prices are reasonable (unlike most avaition suppliers), please email me.

I am looking for the following Vietnam era military radios and accessories. In any condition and location (includes overseas):   

  • 1 x PRC-25 or PRC-77 
  • ? x C-2298 Control boxes
  • 2 x DH-132 AVC (Amoured Vehicle Crewmans) Helmet, LARGE size.
Please note that I am aware of Fair Radio and Robert Downs.
(Steve Haney, (USA) and Radio Equipment Co, (USA), will not deal with us foreigners.) 

Books - "you can never have enough". Help me find copies of the following manuals, even photocopies will do:  

  • C & R Lynx (Canadian or Dutch) sometimes called the M113 1/2 - manuals.
  • Anything to do with Leopard Tanks
  • Anything to do with Centurion Tanks
  • Anything to do with Saladin Armoured Cars
  • Anything to do with Saracen Personnel Carriers
  • Anything (at all) on Diehl tracks, how to measure wear, how to change track pads etc. Even exerts from tank manuals eg. Leopard manual. Or for that matter, the specialised tools for doing any of the above.
  • Anything to do with Bofors 40mm AA guns, but especially a user manual.

Area 7:

Suggested armour & military vehicle Links...
MVPA REME Museum AusVet Images
Swords & Ploughshares Olive Drab Com
Crusader Books, Australia Ian Summer's
Aussie Diggers Site.
Maple Leaf Up
Canadian Army & Vehicles
Authentic Fighting
Veterans Museum
Col Fitness'
Aussie Centurion site.

Area 8:

Feedback to Doug: 
Feedback form

I know that most people hate filling in these forms BUT if I am to improve this site I need to get some feedback as to what people think. Please take the 20 seconds or so needed to quickly answer a few questions.
I try to answer all emails and feedback, but, I can only do so if you provide a valid email address. For some reason I even get invalid addresses in the "From" header at times. If you are sending through a 3rd party system or firewall PLEASE check that you are giving me a means to reply to you.
If you don't get a reply within a week, please re-send your message.
Thank you.

Area 9:
Do you have something to contribute?

I am always looking for articles for this website. If you think you can contribute something that is relevant. Articles = click here!    (Ver 3)

But how to do it? Read this article for some ideas and inspiration.
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A quick "how to send pictures that can be used on this website".  

Should you have access to a scanner here is what I need you to do so that what I receive is usable.......
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