Drawings for 5" Foster Rope Hauling Engine

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Foster 5" Scale Single Cylinder Rope Hauling Engine (available in Imperial Only)                            

Length - 90"

Width - 35 1/4"

Height to top of Chimney - 62"

Height to top of Flywheel - 44 1/2"

Flywheel x Width - 22 1/2" x 2 1/2"

Boiler Barrel x length - 12" x 29 3/4"

No. of tubes x thickness - 12 x 10swg

Tube x length - 1 1/4" x 29 5/8"

Firebox Grate Area - 168 square"

Working Pressure - 100 PSI

Cylinder Bore - 3.75"

Stroke - 5"

A most unusual engine based on a portable of which a few were built by

William Foster & Co. Ltd in 1901. It is a single cylinder and although large

in scale is a very easy machine to build. It is chain driven and has one road

speed. There is a dog clutch fitted to the right hand side of the crankshaft

to disengage the drive for threshing, wood sawing and rope hauling. A steam

pump is fitted to the left side of the belly tank. No differential is fitted as

standard, but this can be fitted as an optional extre if required.

If you are wondering why it is called a rope hauling engine, a rope is taken

offthe bottom of the winding drum, round the pulley under the belly tank,

and out of the right-hand side, similar to a ploughing engine, hence it's name!






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